About the Movement

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Plastic Free Tamil Nadu is a movement which is a larger than ever approach to curb plastic and related products’ pollution from the state. It envisions to create a large network of school students who will act as young ambassadors for the movement. This approach of inculcating sustainability in our state from the grass-root level would bear fruits in the years to come.

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu had inaugurated the movement on Nov 14, 2019. This is an one-step closer approach to sustainability in TamilNadu given the plastic ban being already imposed on the state.

The movement aims to bring measures which can reduce plastic usage within the state to almost zero through alternative materials which can be used for required activities. A platform where students can come up with innovative ideas and techniques to support the vision would be created.

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Each student in every school would be given enough exposure to ideate, brainstorm and present his ideas on the concerned topics.

A unique membership ID will be provided to each and every student through which he/she can represent himself/herself.

The vision would not be possible without the following organizational structure of the

NGTM (நெகிழி மாசில்லா தமிழ்நாடு) board.

Schools would play a major role in making this movement a success. Thanks to all schools for your cooperation and we look forward to some great initiatives in the future.

Further, NGTM Board’s first Digital Conference was held on 22 Aug 2020.

The 2nd year inaugural ceremony was held on 13.03.2021.