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This site is only for Private Schools (CBSE and Matriculation / International). If you are a Govt. or Govt-aided school, please go to this link :

**Schools are requested to follow the steps given in this page and complete the registration for the movement. In case of any doubts or queries, post them in Queries section.**

This portal is for registering your school and your school students officially as a part of Plastic Pollution Free Tamil Nadu movement. Please follow the guidelines given strictly and avoid any mistake.

Steps at a glance

Step 1 – Read Guidelines

School Coordinator (the one assigned to handle this task on the behalf of your school) must fill his/her details in the google form given below.

After completing all four steps of the registration process, your school will receive a unique school code and each registered school student will receive a Membership ID Card which he/she can use for further participation in the movement.

A “Certification of Appreciation Booklet” would be provided to each registered student wherein the student would receive appreciation from Chief Minister, Governor, Deputy CM and other ministers.

Step 2 – Fill Details

Download the following excel sheet template and fill in the details. Do not make any changes to the sheet template. You have to enter the required details in the respective column and save the excel sheet with the changes made.

Class teachers are required to collect student information and enter it for their respective class.This information needs to be collected for every student, class wise. The same information would be used to create membership ID for the student for the movement. *Any spelling mistakes/changes/corrections will not be entertained*

Keep the excel sheet ready which you have to upload in step 4

Sample ID Card for the registered students.

Step 3 – Fees Payment

Class teachers must collect a fee of ₹100 from each student for the costs incurred for membership creation of the “Certification of Appreciation Booklet” + “GUINNESS RECORD CERTIFICATE “for students. This registration fee is completely refundable for the student. Each student will receive his e-certificate post registration.

Update: Based upon the discussion with our sponsors, it is decided that the Registration Fee ( Rs.100 ) for the student is completely refundable.*

Further, this fee also includes charges required for database creation,server maintenance etc… Each student will receive a Member ID Card post registration which he/she can use for participation in future events. Click on the link below to download Sample ID-Card

After collection of the fee, the total amount should be as follows :

Total Fee = ( Total School Strength ) * ( Fee per person ) = ( Total School Strength ) * 100

E.g : Suppose total school strength is 1258, then Total Fee would be 1258*100 = 125800

** The fee of ₹100 has been decided by the authorities. Under no circumstance can any school collect more than the prescribed fee. This has to verified by the School Principal in a document. This document would be called “School Principal Attestation Record ( SPAR ) “. Keep a scanned copy of this document ready.**

After collecting the Total Fee and SPAR , click on the following button to submit the registration fee through online or offline bank channels.

Step 4 – Confirm Registration

Once you have completed all the steps above, you must be ready with the following documents :

  1. Excel Sheet containing details (done in Step 2)
  2. School Principal Attestation Record (SPAR)
  3. Fee Payment Acknowledgement Receipt (FAR)

Now create a zipped folder of the above files and rename it with the School’s Full Name. Instructions on how to create a zipped folder are given here.

Upload the zipped folder by clicking the button below.

If you have completed the steps mentioned above, you will receive a confirmation mail within 2-3 working days and your school will be registered successfully. If not, please send a mail to

Thanks for your cooperation!

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