NGTM CARNIVAL (2023-2024) is most expected happening as a part of the INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME CONFERENCE will be organised in all Town/districts of Tamilnadu (2023-2024)

The school students (Registered with NGTM movement) will be invited with (Special Invite Pass/ Celebrity Pass)which means the Entry ticket will be sponsored/ funded by the sponsors to felicitate and Honour the school students for supporting & participating in NGTM activities.

The students can be accompanied with their parents to enjoy,celebrate & perform their social activity along with their family & neighbours.

This Carnival Fair will be first of its kind in the history, where the students can enjoy with

  • Fun games & Rides
  • Outdoor traditional games
  • Food Feast park
  • Eco- friendly product zone
  • Bio Product zone
  • Plastic Free product zone
  • Organic product zone
  • Plastic Recycling Zone
  • Exhibitions/ Expo
  • Book Fair
  • Social fun Activity zone
  • Family Festival Zone……….Still more fun and learning to explore….

The Green Points achieved by the students can be redeemed in this carnival fair.

The Entire Carnival zone will be 100% plastic free zone, non alcoholic & Anti tobacco zone.

The Eco Friendly themes are to be Decorated all around the park with our Traditional and cultural Heritage background.