Video Upload

Last date for Certificate Registration is changed to 29/02/2020 (Saturday) . Schools are required to do the necessary before the deadline.

Most of the schools have taken the Plastic Pollution Free TN pledge on Nov 14, 2019 itself. They have uploaded the recorded videos in the subsequent days. Some of these recordings can be viewed at the link below:

However, some schools are yet to upload their recordings in the link provided. Schools must understand that pledge footage is very crucial for the evidence to be provided for GUINNESS Record Verification.

Thus, if you have taken the pledge and recorded it, please upload your recordings of the event on or before 29 Feb 2020 (Friday) in the links given below.

**Max Video Size Limit : 200 MB. If your file size exceeds the given size limit, then compress it online and upload. If still issues persist, fill in the Queries column

In case any school has not taken the pledge, follow the instructions below and complete them at the earliest.

  1. Assemble students during the morning prayer or any time convenient
  2. Download pledge from here :
  3. All students must take pledge during the same time
  4. Record a video of the pledge taking event using a mobile camera of good quality.
  5. Video can be taken from a certain height preferably so that all the students are covered in the footage
  6. Upload your recordings in the link given ABOVE.